Monday, March 4, 2013

Prog & Roll radio show: The song of February!

Good morning all, and have a nice week! :)
Last night we had our special radio show, on which we played all the best songs from month February (according to our audience's grades), and this time they had to grade them again in order to come up with the one absolute song of the month February.
We had many people tuned in for this program, and this time the chatbox was more serious.
The candidate songs for this title were 10 in total, and all of them very good ones, so once more the competition was fierce!
And 'The Song of the month' for February is.............. 
 Queen: Death on two Legs / Lazing on a Sunday afternoon!
Yes, I know these are two songs! But we had played them together as a medley, and the people gave one vote for both of them, as they were one song. After all, these 2 are a part of the medley in the album as well. (Only the third part is missing).
 And here is the list of the 10 songs, and the average points they achieved:

1. QUEEN: Death on two Legs / Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon  (8.78)
2. RAINBOW: Stargazer  (8.30)
3. URIAH HEEP: July Morning   (8.28)
4. MARILLION: Heart of Lothian  (8.25)
5. THE WHO: The Punk & the Godfather   (7.90)
6. MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: Solar fire  (7.88)
7. KING CRIMSON: In the Wake of Poseidon  (7.85)
8. VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Refugees  (7.75)
9. FAIRPORT CONVENTION: Crazy Man Michael  (7.40)
10. GENESIS: Twilight Alehouse  (7.30)

I want to thank you all that joined us last night, and all together had some very good time!
And in these two videos you can listen to these 2 parts of the medley.
(I couldn't find them together in one video)...