Friday, March 8, 2013

One Hour with Stu Nicholson from Galahad...

Good Morning everybody!
Last night as I mentioned in the previous post, GFreedom Team was presenting Galahad's album 'Empires Never Last' with special guest on the chatbox the singer and founding member Stuart Nicholson.
To be honest I wasn't sure if he was gonna show up, despite the fact that he had confirmed it through mails.
And finally not only did he showed up, but he also logged in half hour before the presentation! That was great, because we had the time to get to know each other, and discuss many subjects not concerning his band. We spoke even about football! hehehehe
  And at 21:05 (GMT) the presentation of the album started, and for the rest of the hour (until 22:00 GMT) we had a very good time altogether talking about his band. about live gigs. their records, even about funny incidents that happened in their shows. Stu was really very friendly, answering questions from everyone, participating in the jokes, and in general I must admit I enjoyed it a lot! But I think he did as well, because none of us left after the presentation had finished, and we all stayed for about half hour more and continue talking. That means he stayed with us for almost 2 hours, but then he had to go to enjoy his hot chocolate. :)
  The best part was when we asked him to join us again on Sunday's radio show, and he gladly accepted it!
Ok, that I didn"t expect! But since he said that he will join our show on this Sunday, we promised him that we will prepare a special radio show to honor him...
   So on this Sunday's "Prog & Roll" he will participate on the chatbox as our special guest, and we will give a special show that will contain some songs from Galahad, but also from other bands that we know that he likes as well... (Jethro Tull for example)...
On another note, there was also someone else with the nick "The Unknown One" whom we suspect to be a member of the band because Stu seemed to know him and he seemed to know a lot about Galahad and personal off-stage stuff. Both Stu and the Unknown one seemed to have a great time with us and so both will be on the chatbox this Sunday.
Finishing this, I want to say that last night we had a great fun, and I surely wait in anticipation for this Sunday's "Prog & Roll" radio show.
So if any of you is interested to listen to some good music, and at the same time be able to chat with the singer of Galahad, join us! You can log in by clicking here:
Our show starts at 20.00GMT, lasts for two hours, and the broadcast is in English & Greek.
For those that are not familar with Galahad, here is a song to listen. You can find one more in the previous post...
Have a nice day! :)