Monday, March 25, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: Last Night's Top-5 and Playlist...

Hello all and have a nice week! :)
Last night we had one more radio show, and now I'm posting this to inform those who are interested about our playlist, and also the Top-5 songs, as they were graded by our audience.
Last night we didn't have so much people as other times, but those who logged in helped to create a nice & warm atmosphere, and also to play our little 'game', with the grading of the songs.
In last night's playlist we thought of mixing up the songs and the music styles, in order to be more interesting for everybody. (In the sence that you don't know what to excpect next).
We also decided to play a song from Iron Maiden's first album, in order to honor Clive Burr's memory that he recently passed away.
I think that in general was a good show, and the people seemed to enjoy the music a lot.
Now, according to our audience's grades on the songs, these were the best 5 in our program:

1. Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera
2. Kansas: The Wall
3. Rush: The Trees
4. Cockney Rebel: Death Trip
5. Blind Guardian: Nightfall

From these 5 songs, only the first 2 achieved an average of 8.5 or higher, therefore these 2 are going on the list in order to claim the title as the 'Song of the month'. We have one more radio show in March, and after that we will have our big contest on the first show of April. We have already 10 excellent songs on that list, and one more show to do...
And here is the whole playlist:

Haggard: The Day as Heaven Wept / Therion: Linsalfheim / Pendragon: The Masquerade Overture / Steve Hackett: Shadow of Hierophant / Dunwich: Il Falso Principio / Queensryche: The Lady Wore Black / Adventure: The Swan / Clepsydra: God or Beggar / Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera / Supertramp: Babaji / Rush: The Trees / Kansas: The Wall / B.O.C: The Last Days of May (Live) / 
Mystery: The Silent Scream / Blind Guardian: Nightfall /  Sandy Denny: Like an Old Fashioned Waltz / 
Alan Parson's Project: Don't Let it Show / Marillion: Warm Wet Circles / Arena: Never Ending Night / Cockney Rebel: Death Trip.

I want to thank all of you who logged in last night, and stayed with us through the show. 
On our next radio show that it will be the last for March we will prepare something special.
But more info on that later... :)