Saturday, July 6, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.50

Since I'm back here, I have to continue some series of posts that I used to write.
One of them is the "Juke Box". As many of you knows already, on every Saturday I used to write here the
best 5 songs I've listened during the week.
And because today is Saturday it's the time for one more "Juke Box" post.
So, those are my Top-5 songs for this week:

Electric Prunes: Antique Doll (Underground) - 1967
Annie Haslam: Still Life (Still Life) - 1985
Galahad: Empires Never Last (Empires Never Last) - 2007
Arena: The Hanging Tree (The Visitor) - 1998
Black Sabbath: The Sign of the Southern Cross (Mob Rules) - 1981

As you can see there are no songs from the '70's this time, and that was a surprise even for me! hehehe
Anyway, if any of you is in the mood, he/she can write here as a comment or at G+, his/hers personal top-5 songs or albums for this week.
Have a great weekend everybody, thanks for reading... :)