Saturday, July 20, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.52

  Since it's Saturday again, it's time for my usual juke box post.
In the following list you will see my Top-5 songs for the week that passed.
I was thinking how I could make these series of posts more interesting for the people that are visiting this blog.
   When I started writing these Top-5 lists, the main idea was to show to everybody which were my most favorite songs in every passing week, and also inspire (maybe) some of you in order to make a small research and maybe expand your musical horizons a bit. And that's why I'm asking also for everybody that is in the mood to write a comment with his/hers personal favorite songs or albums. In order to share some knowledge, and inspire each other.
   So, the only thing I could think off in order to make these posts a bit more interesting, is that: After each top-5 list and at the end of the post, I will be adding a couple of videos from this list in order for you to be able to watch and listen to them right on that moment. From every list I will try to put videos of not so famous songs, so that you will be able to listen to something that you maybe don't know yet.
  I hope it is a good idea, and some of you will appreciate it...
   And here's the list with my Top-5 songs for this week:
   Eloy: Poseidon's Creation (Ocean) - 1977
   Pendragon: The Pursuit of Excellence (The Masquerade Overture) - 1996
   Lisa Gerrard: Sanvean (The Mirror Pool) - 1995
   Rhapsody (Of Fire): The March of the Swordmaster 
                                     (Power of the Dragonflame) - 2002
   Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky (The Wall) - 1979

   In the following videos you can listen to the songs "Sanvean" from Lisa Gerrard, and "The March of the Swordmaster" by the Italian band "Rhapsody (Of Fire).
   Enjoy! :)