Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The Wall" live in Athens. The return...

The countdown has started!
Only six days left, for the glorious live performance of "The Wall" in Athens.
A couple of years ago, "The Wall" visited Athens again, for 3 concerts. The place of the concert was a close stadium with a capacity of almost 15.000 people. (All 3 concerts were sold out).
 This time, we will be able to watch the "advanced" version of the show. Everything is special designed for concerts in open spaces and big stadiums. So I'm guessing it will be a night to remember. (Again!).
   Having watched numberless concerts in my life, both in Greece and Europe, I can't say I'm a person who can be impressed easily by cheap tricks. But nothing in this concert is cheap. Is an extremely huge and expensive production, which is a real experience for the audience.
   I remember leaving the concert area 2 years ago, cursing myself for not having a ticket for the following day as well.
  This time the concert will be held in the Olympic stadium of Athens, a very big stadium with a capacity of
minimum 60.000 people. I'm not sure that this time will be sold out (probably not), because of the real tragic economical situation here in Greece, but I hope that many people will finally decide to go and experience a real amazing concert.
 Speaking for myself, I already got my ticket and as I wrote in the start of the post "The countdown has started"!
P.S: The pictures you see on the right side of the post are: The Athens Olympic Stadium, and the diagram with the ticket prices.
In the following videos you can take a small idea of those concerts in Athens 2 years ago...
Enjoy! :)