Monday, July 8, 2013

TV Series: GAME OF THRONES (Season 3)

   I had in mind to write a small review about the 3rd season of GoT almost a month ago,but I got delayed due to real life commitments.
Because of this long delay, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to write about it now, but finally I decided to do so even if it's almost a month since the 3rd season's end.
  So, what do we know about GoT so far? G.R.R Martin's favorite 'game' is to create some characters, develop them, making the people like them, and finally... kill them! It happened quite a few times so far, and be sure it will continue happening in the future. That's a fact, and many people find it rather annoying. But on the other hand, how many books or tv series you know that this is happening?
  Also, as I have mentioned in the previous posts about GoT TV series, the story we see follows the story that is written in the books. Each of the 2 first seasons was about the story and the plot of the first 2 books. (1 book = 1 season). But season 3 is not like that. Because the 3rd book is the biggest and most important one, they decided to make 2 seasons out of it, and I have to say I totally agree with that! So what you watched in the 3rd season, it's only the half book. You will be able to see what's going on in the rest of the book in season 4. So, be patient!
  In season 3 we watched the main characters continue their personal stories, and slowly slowly the plot becomes more and more complicated. I heard many people complaining about the 'lack of action', but that is only normal, because GoT is not an action series! If you want action, you can find hundreds of series or movies out there, but GoT is not one of them!

SPOILER ALERT - Do NOT read the below if you haven't watched the entire season.

  Each season consists of 10 episodes, and it became a small habbit of the production to make the 9th episode unforgettable. Not the 10th, the 9th!
On the 9th episode of the 1st season (Baelor) we watched the death of Ned Stark. On the 9th episode of the 2nd season (Blackwater), we watched the very impressive attack at King's Landing. And now, on the 9th episode of season 3 (The Rains of Castamere) we watched the betrayal and the death of almost all the Stark family and their army by Walter Frey and his men. (Btw, I don't think anybody remembers the episodes name, because it became famous as "The Red Wedding").
( It became very famous, but in case you never heard of it, you should watch the following video that shows people's reactions when they were watching this specific episode).
    Having read the books a few years ago, I knew what was going to happen, so I was just waiting to see my friends reactions when they were going to see this episode. And the reactions were more enjoyable than the episode itself! Everybody freaked out! hehehe
   I don't think there is anything more to write here, further than the fact that all of us who love these series will have to wait another year to see what happens in the rest of the 3rd book. As for all of you who never read the books, I think there is plenty of time to start reading them now! :)
  And here is the trailer from the 3rd season: