Thursday, February 6, 2014


   Verbal Delirium is a very talented band from my homeland Greece.
Because I believe they really deserve more attention, I decided to write this post for all of you to take a look and learn a few things about this very interesting band.
   They were formed in Athens in 1999, but in the first years they were trying to form up a steady line up, with many members coming and going and at the same time they were trying to evolve their own sound. In the year 2007 they released their first work which was a demo album named 'The Imprisoned words of Fear' in limited edition only. This album displays clear indications of the band's influences from the Progressive Rock scene of the '70's but it also includes elements of Jazz Rock and Heavy Metal as well.
After that the band moved on, changed their sound to a more Alternative Rock style, but they kept some of the elements which did make a difference in their music, such as the beautiful melodies and the dark and melancholic atmosphere.
   Their first official album was released in 2010 and Musea Records took over the distribution. The name of the album is 'So Close and yet so far Away' and it was a wonderful debut. Here they seem to leave the 'Rock' sound behind, and they pay more attention to the melancholic melodies I mentioned earlier, and they try to experiment with orchestration. The final result is satisfying and pleasant, to say the least. The band starts to become known in Greece, and very soon more and more people seemed to appreciate their music.
 They play numberless live in every possible place, trying to build up a good name. At the same time they start working more 'professionally' and a manager took over. The result was a significant number of live shows in Greece and Europe as well.
   In 2013 they released their second album 'From the small Hours of Weakness' which is a darker, but maturer work. The production is very good, and almost all the tracks deserve your attention. The most famous song in this album (in Greece at least) could considered to be the really wonderful 'Sudden Winter', followed by 'Dance of the Dead', 'The Losing Game', 'Aeons' etc...
After the release of the album, the band goes to Europe for a few live gigs, including a performance in ProgPower Europe Festival in October of 2013.
   I saw them live a month ago, and I must admit they were really excellent on stage. If you are in the mood, you can read my review of that concert here:
   Concluding this post, I have to say that Verbal Delirium is a very promising band, and I hope some of you will listen to them and spread the word around. The guys surely deserve it!
I hope you'll find this post interesting and informative...
  I will also add here a couple of videos in order for you to be able to listen to their music...
 Enjoy! :)