Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chris Squire passed away...

I delayed to write this post due to my very busy schedule, but I felt I had to write a few words for this really great musician.
Chris Squire passed away 3 days ago, at his home in Phoenix Arizona. He was diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia, and that is the reason he left his band 'YES', after 47 years. For those who aren't familiar with Chris Squire, I should say that he was the bass player in the famous Progressive Rock band 'Yes', since the start. He was the only member to appear on each of their 21 studio albums, released from 1969 to 2014.
  Squire was widely regarded as the dominant bassist among the English Progressive Rock bands, influencing peers and later generations of bassists with his incisive sound and elaborately contoured, melodic bass lines.
 R.I.P Chris Squire, you will always be remembered...
If you want to see what he was capable of doing with his bass guitar, check the following link: