Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Black Keys live in Athens. (30/5/2015) The concert's setlist.

  A few days ago 'The Black Keys' gave a live performance in Athens as headliners during the 1st day of 'Rockwave Festival'. I didn't go to that concert because I don't care much about them to be honest, but a made a small research in order to provide you with the concert's setlist.
  I'm guessing that many people are planning to go and see them live this year, so if you are wondering about their setlist, here you can check which songs they played in Athens:

Dead And Gone
Next Girl                                                              

Run Right Back
Same Old Thing
Gold On The Ceiling
Strange Times
Nova Baby
Leavin' Truck
Too Afraid To Love You
Howlin' For You
I Got Mine
Money Maker
Gotta Get Away                                              
She's Long Gone
Tighten Up
Your Touch
Lonely Boy
Little Black Submarines