Monday, June 1, 2015

The last Prog & Roll radio show of Spring. the full playlist.

Hello all, and have a nice month!
Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online, which was the last one of Spring. So we dedicated the first part to songs that have to do with Summer. We started the show with a song for 'The last days of May', and continued with songs that they have something to do with Summer.
Once more we had a music contest, and for the first time after all those years there was no winner! We couldn't believe it!
 As for the songs we played, we tried to combine songs from many different musical genres, as you will see in the list below:

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Last days of May / THE WHO: Summertime Blues / IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY: Hot Summer day / THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL: Summer in the city / JANIS JOPLIN: Summertime / PSYCOTIC WALTZ: I Remember / NOSTRADAMUS: Divine comedy / PATCHWORK CACOPHONY: No U-Turn / DISCIPLINE: Circuitry / THE PINEAPPLE THIEF: Simple as that / GAZPACHO: The Cage / RUSH: Not Fade away (music contest) / JOHN LORD: Caprice / DEEP PURPLE: Kentucky woman / TED NUGENT: Stranglehold / BLACK SABBATH: Hole in the sky / STRAWBS: Benedictus / THE MOODY BLUES: New horizons / ILLUSION: Beautiful country / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Ursula.
"Epic" song: STEVE HACKETT: Shadow of Hierophant.
 On behalf of GFreedom Team, I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who logged in last night. I hope you had some nice time.
Thank you very much!