Friday, November 27, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show presents: Listener's Happy Hour.

  I would like to inform you that on this Sunday (29/11/2015) we are going to include the 'Listener's Happy Hour' in our show, during which we are going to play the songs that people from the audience asked for.
During each month, we are accepting e-mails with song requests from our listener's, and at the last show of each month we are playing the songs they asked for..
  We started this a couple of months ago, and because so far it goes very well, we hope that we will reach a point that we will dedicate the whole last show of the month to our audience's requests. As for this month, we got some very good songs that has been requested, and we are looking forward to play them in order to thank and please our audience.
  In case you are interested to listen, and maybe become a member in the very warm company we have there, have in mind that Prog & Roll comes online on Sunday nights at 20.00 UK time. (21.00 Italy/Germany, 22.00 Greece/Turkey) The broadcast is in English and Greek language, and you can listen by clicking the following link at the right time:
Thank you for reading this...
See you there! :-)