Sunday, March 19, 2017

HRH Prog V Festival. A first impression

Hello all!
I am writing this short post from N.Wales from where we will be leaving soon,
The HRH Prog V festival finished last night, but before I will be able to write something proper, I should first clear my head and organise my thoughts.
It was a totaly crazy and intense 3 days, not to mention how tired I feel right now. I tried to make the best of it actually. I saw many bands, I made many contacts, I spoke with a big number of musicians, I did some inteviews,and I had a blast in general.
It was a great experience for me, but I will need some time before I will be able to write a couple of really informative posts about the event.
Please have some patience, and you will be rewarded. :-)
I will only mention here the bands that I manage to see on stage:
Panic Room, The Preety Things, Curved Air, Barclay James Harvest, Hawkwind, Credo, Dream Circuit, Verbal Delirium, Karnataka, The Strawbs, Atomic Rooster, Haze, The Gift, Wishbone Ash and Gandalfs Fist.
I am going to write many more interesting things in the near future about this festival and post many pictures.
So, check my blog from time to time.
Thank you!