Friday, March 3, 2017

Tales from the Progressive Oceans # 18

       TIGER MOTH TALES: Story Tellers (Part.1) (2015)

                        Where Disney meets Prog!

   This short sentence could easily characterize the general style of this wonderful  album. But let’s take it from the start:
  Tiger Moth Tales is the name of the personal project of Pete Jones. In case you never heard his name before, I should inform you that, Pete Jones is an extremely talented English songwriter/singer and multi-instrumentalist. Having  lost his sight at a very early age, he dedicated his life to music. He plays a big variety of instruments, and in the case of Tiger Moth Tales he does everything by himself, without any other musician being involved.
  Story Tellers Part 1, is the second album of Tiger Moth Tales, and the one I like the most. The debut album ‘Cocoon’ was also very good, but I think that this one has something more to offer. According to my personal taste, of course.
  The album includes 7 songs and has a total running time of almost 42 minutes. It is available in CD and digital edition so far, and I’m only hoping that a vinyl edition will be available at some point.
  There is a main theme that goes on throughout the album, which as it seems is The Quest for Beauty, interrupted by other children’s stories. The album opens with the excellent and melodic instrumental Beauty Falls, that gives to the listener a fist idea of what’s going to follow. Beauty Falls is an easy going prog tune, including elements from bands and styles in such a way that it sounds familiar even from the fist listening. Story Tellers that comes next, is a beautiful ballad, which seems influenced by Genesis, including a major change in the middle of the song.
After Story Tellers, the wonderful instrumental Beauty Sleeps follows. A gentle, sweet and melancholic tune, which is one my favourites.
A Kids Tale is a brilliant song, that puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it. With its cartoon-ish music and characters, is a definitely unique song.
A Kids Tale is followed by The Quest for Beauty, and absolutely fantastic piece and my most favourite in the album. (Not to mention the really beautiful video-clip).
Then comes the album’s “epic”, the almost 13-minute-long The Piper, which is maybe the only song I don’t like so much. I don’t know why, I never was able to “digest” it. It sounds a bit chaotic to my ears, without a clear structure, that’s why maybe I don’t like. Or, it requires some more attention, who knows?
The album’s last song is Beauty Awakens, another beautiful, happy and romantic at the same time tune, that closes the album in the best way possible!
  Story Tellers Part 1 is one of the most beautiful and well structured albums I listened to during the last 2 years. It is really pity that I didn’t listen to this album upon its release, because it could for sure occupy a spot in my 2015’s  Top-10 album’s list.
  A really great piece of work, that you should definitely listen! Hats off to Pete Jones for that! I can’t wait to listen to Part 2. (If it will be a part 2 of course)
      If I had to rate it, I would give 4 stars without a second thought!
                      Highly Recommended!
 By clicking on the following YouTube link you will be able to see the video of the song The Quest for Beauty I mentioned above. Enjoy!