Monday, March 27, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio show (26/3/17) including the 'Song of the Month' contest. A small review & the complete playlist.

Hello all!
After a week's break, last night Prog & Roll Radio Show was back on air once more.
  This time our show was including the final stage of the 'Song of the month' contest, where our listeners had to grade the songs that reached to this final stage, in order to see which of them was going to win. This time we had 5 songs to play during the contest, all of them very good ones. And once more, the song we considered to be the favourite did not win!
So, according to our listeners, the Song of the Month for March is... Trains by Porcupine Tree!
  We had a good crowd listening and enough of them were participating on the chatbox as well, making the show more fun and enjoyable for everyone.
We played a rather big variety of music styles and genres once more, and I believe that the people enjoyed the music we played for them.
Here you can check the playlist from last night:

1st Part: THE GIFT: Sweeper of Dreams / CREDO: The Letter / HAZE: The Last Battle / GANDALF’S FIST: Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet.
2nd Part: NIGHTWISH: Sleeping Sun / JUDAS PRIEST: Angel / SHADOW GALLERY: I Believe / SYMPHONY X: Candlelight Fantasia.
3rd Part: MOSTLY AUTUMN: Never the Rainbow / THE WALKABOUTS: Good Luck Morning / TARNATION: Your Thoughts & Mine / RADIOHEAD: Street Spirit / MERCURY REV: Secret for a Song.
4th Part: The Song of the Month Contest: BABE RUTH: The Mexican (Av. Rating: 6.85) / PORCUPINE TREE: Trains (Av.Rating: 9.65) / RUSH: Jacob’s Ladder (Av.Rating: 7.83) / GENESIS: Carpet Crawlers (Av.Rating: 8.15) / ELOY: Mutiny (Av. Rating: 7.82).
I would like to thank all those who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us and our show. I hope you had some nice time. Prog & Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 2nd of April, at 20.00 UK time as always.
'Till then, take care! 
Thank you.