Saturday, March 25, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show Presents: The Song of the Month contest.

  I'm writing this post to inform you that during this Sunday's Prog & Roll we are going to have the final stage of the Song of the Month contest. 
  During our shows, we are playing the "grade the song" game with our listeners and on the last show of each month we pick the songs that received the highest average points, and we are playing them once more. We ask from our listeners to grade these songs again but in a more serious manner this time. So, at the end of the show, the song that will receive the highest average rating will be announced as the 'Song of the Month'.
But it doesn't end there; The winning songs will create Prog & Roll's Top-10 songlist at the end of the season, in July.
 We got 5 very good songs to play during Sunday's contest, and I'm pretty sure that the competition will be fierce!
  Further than that, we prepared a rather interesting and enjoyable show for our listeners, that includes songs from many different music styles and sub-categories once more.
So, if you are free and in the mood for some good music and a very friendly company of this Sunday evening, tune in and listen to Prog & Roll.
 The show begins at 20.00 UK time, and it is a live bilingual broadcast.
You can listen by clicking on the following link at the time you see above.
I hope to "see" you there!
Thank you. 😎