Monday, May 7, 2012

Tales from the Progressive Oceans Part. 3

   This is the second album by The Moody Blues which was released on November of 1967.
But it is the first album that is considered as Progressive Rock (because their first was more of R&B style), and it is also the first album which was released after the departure of Denny Laine (who later joined Paul Mc Cartney's 'Wings'). At the same time 2 very important members for the future of Moody Blues joined the band: Justin Hayward and John Lodge. These two will play a significant role, changing the band's sound as they will become the main composers and singers, and in general will be great influence for The Moody Blues in the years to come.
   This is a concept album, with a very simple but nice theme. An 'everyman's day' from dawn until night.
The musicians which are performing here are the 5 members of the band, together with the London Festival Orchestra. The contribution of the orchestra is very important to the whole record, but mostly in the transitions between the songs.
   The truth is, that this project was a very dangerous experiment at that time. (Don't forget that we are talking about 1967!). Their company (Deram), didn't want to release the record in the beginning, because they were afraid that the combination of Rock and Symphonic music would be a failure.
After many discussions between the band their manager and the company, they finally agreed to release the record. The album became a very big success, especially because of the songs 'Nights in White Satin' (Is there really anyone who haven't heard this song?), and 'Tuesday Afternoon'. But after its release the album was accused of being lenient to drug consumption because of some lyrics they thought that are not appropriate. For example, in the song 'Dawn (is a feeling)' the part that says: 'the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream', but also parts of the lyrics in other songs as well.
Despite all these, the album made very good sales, it reached at No.3 at the USA charts, and it will continue selling in the following decades. It is the most famous and the best selling album by The Moody Blues, and is considered as a pioneer for Progressive Rock, and one of the best albums ever.
   My Personal Rating: 8

In the following video you can listen to the song 'Dawn (is a feeling)', that in my opinion is one of the best moments in this album...
Put it at a loud volume, close your eyes, and enjoy! :)