Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One week in Athens...

   Well, as I have said before I had to visit my hometown Athens, in order to deal with many many small things I had to do.
Like renewing my passport, make my papers for the tax office, visit a few banks and arrange some things etc...
   But it was not only jobs I did there. I also had time to see my relatives, most of my friends, make some rounds, and in general blow some steam. I have to admit that it was very nice! I had some nice time with friends, I visited my old shop with the fantasy and board games, went out 2-3 nights and visited a friendly bar we used to go, had some drinks, and in general it was time well spent! hehehe Unfortunately when you are having good time the days are passing very fast, and that happened in my case. These 8 days passed really fast, and suddenly it was time to go again. But I'm not complaining.
   One of the things I did when I was there it was to watch an event/concert from the Greek Tribute band to Ronnie James Dio. To be honest I had no idea about them, and a friend convinced me to go together.
I have to say that I didn't expect it to be so nice. The band is called Rock n' Roll Children, and they are very good. After 2 days from this event it was R.J Dio's 2 years memorial since his death, and the guys made it really special. First of all, the money from the tickets went to a foundation for the kids with cancer. (They deserve a big Bravo here I think). Second of all, in order to make it special, they had invited many singers from other Greek bands to join, and finally they were about 20 singers in total there. So in every 1-2 songs it was a different singer on stage. Some were good, some not so good, BUT there were 2 of them that really made me chill. Sorry I can't remember the names, but the guy who was singing 'The sign of the southern cross' and the girl (yes you read it well) that sang 'Shame on the night' were the best voices by far that night!
As for the concert, it lasted no less than 4 hours! They were playing and playing, and in the end I wasn't able to remember any song that was worth mentioning and they didn't play. It was a really huge Best of from the whole Ronnie James Dio's career. Very good job guys, congratulations!
   There is no reason to make this post longer, so the only thing I want to add here is a very big thanks to all of you that you were there for me, tried to re-arrange your jobs and every days lives in order to be able to meet, and a big sorry to those I was not able to see enough or at all. Next time guys, I promise!
 The pictures are from my old shop with the games, and here you see our board games company in full! :)
 Thanks everybody! :)