Friday, January 18, 2013

TV Series: COMMUNITY (Season 1)

   Very recently I watched the first season of this American Sitcom comedy series, and I wanted to write a review. Well, the whole thing was kind of weird. What that means?
 I started watching it, and after 2-3 episodes I left it aside. I found it not worth my attention and my time. But a few days later I started watching it again, and then I found it better. Maybe because it needs some time for one to get to know the characters, the environment, the way of humor, and so on.
   The series is about a community college and what is going on with a certain company there. This company consists of an ex-lawyer, (that was kicked out when they found that his diploma was fake), and now he is attending this university in order to take an original diploma, a former drug addict, a former quarter-back, a single mother, a film student, and a so-called millionaire. (The pleasant surprise is that Chevy Chase is playing the role of the millionaire). Starting the first year, Jeff Winger (the former lawyer), starts a study group with the people I just mentioned, only because he wants to be close to a beautiful student. (Brita Perry). That of course is only the main idea, and as  the episodes commence more and more characters are slowly slowly added. 
   This first season consists of 25 episodes of an average 20 minutes each. It is a light comedy, and it gets better as the episodes goes by. The rating that it has in IMDB is 8.8, but my opinion is that it has been much too overrated. I wouldn’t give more than 7.00, no way!
In this video you can watch the trailer for the first season.