Monday, December 23, 2013

Prog & Roll's 50th radio show on 22/12/2013. The Full playlist...

Last night we had the 50th Prog & Roll radio show, which was also the last one for 2013.
 We had some good songs in the playlist, but furthermore (as we had announced), we played whole parts from Saturday's DJ Set which we recorded, for our audience to listen.
  This was the last show of this year, because on next Sunday (29/12) we will not have a radio show. Instead, we will participate in the Music Marathon that Just In Case Prog Radio is preparing on Saturday the 28th of December, together with (almost) all the producers of the radio station.
  Here you can see the whole playlist from last night's show. (In the parts from the DJ Set, I will write into brakets the songs which were included)

Prog & Roll's 1st Half-Hour: THE BEATLES: Tomorrow Never Knows / CAMEL: Never Let Go / ELOY: Inside / LOVE SCULPTURE : In the Land of the Few  
2nd Half-Hour: [DJ SET (From 10.30 - 10.45) (The start of the program):(ELOY: Intro from 'Live'+ PINK FLOYD: Shine on you Crazy Diamond (together with) ELOY: Intro from 'Atlantis Agony', + THE MOODY BLUES: The Word (together with) MARILLION: Lavender]
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Rise up & Fight / DREAM THEATER: Burning my Soul.
3rd Half Hour: DJ SET (From 23.45 - 24.00) [MONTY PYTHON: Sit on my Face / SOUTHPARK: Blame Canada / RIVERSIDE: Out of Myself / GALAHAD: Empires Never Last / RUSH: Tom Sawyer]. DJ SET (From 00.15 - 00.30) [THE TEA PARTY: The River / HAWKWIND: Hassan I Shahba / APHRODITE'S CHILD: The 4 Horsemen]
 4rth Half-Hour: PAVLOV'S DOG: Fast Gun / DJ SET (From 2.10 - 2.30): [THE MOODY BLUES: In the Beginning (Together with) AYREON: The Theory of Everything / BLIND GUARDIAN: Nightfall / KANSAS: On the Other Side] WISHBONE ASH: Phoenix.

 Thank you all for listening and participating on the 50th Prog & Roll. We will be with you again on the 5th of January 2014.
 Merry Christmas everybody!

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