Saturday, July 7, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box #7

Hello everyone!
   Once more it is time to post here my Top-5 songs from this week.
  Sometime ago, I wrote here that it would be nice (and fun) for some of you to post as a comment your Top-5 lists for every week as well. Although the Juke Box series  posts has high views, only two people are posting their lists. I don't understand why... Anyway, let's continue and hope that slowly slowly more will join...
So, these are my Top-5 songs for this past week:

 (BBC in concert 1972) (Released 2002)
PASSENGERS: (Bono+Brian Eno Feat.Luc.Pavarotti) Miss Sarajevo (CD single-1995)
SERJ TANKIAN: The Sky is Over (Elect the Dead-2007)
AFTER FOREVER: Who Wants to Live Forever (CD single-2002)
BELLAPHON: Evros (Firefly-1987)
*For those who may wonder, Bellaphon is a Japanese Prog-Rock band. You will read soon about them in the 'Prog-Rock encyclopedia' series of posts, in this blog*

Well, that was it! :) Those were my most favorite songs for this week folks.
I'm waiting to see yours now... hehehe