Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TV Series: HOMELAND (Season 3)...

 Here's my review about  the long awaited 3rd season of the very famous TV Series 'Homeland'.
Starting this post I must say that this was the last season for me. Although there will be one more (at least), I don't think I will continue watching it from now on, because it starts reminding me of '24 Tv Series' more and more, and that fact started to annoy me really much.
  In this blog I wrote 2 posts in the past about season 1 & season 2 of 'Homeland',so if any of you are interested in reading them you can take a look here: Homeland Season 1    Homeland Season 2

 At the end of my review for season 2 I wrote that I didn't like the way they finished the second season, and I was afraid of what they were going to do with the 3rd one. And I'm sad to say that all my fears came true. This 3rd season is by far the 'weakest' of all 3, with many gaps in the scenario, and almost nothing new to offer. Despite all that it's still nice to watch, but mainly because you are curious to see what is going to happen in the end. And when that moment arrives, you left wondering why they decided to make a 4rth season. In my opinion, they should have finished it here, because there is actually no reason  to continue. (That's why I wrote in the start I'm not going to watch it from now on).
  Season 3 consists of 12 episodes, of almost 50 minutes length each one. The only exception is the last episode which lasts for an hour. The story here starts very slowly, and the plot is making rounds dealing with other subjects not so related with the original story. And when you reach to the point when it starts to get boring, they throw in a lot of action in order to make it interesting again. But the problem is that the action by itself does not solve the story problems. Further than that, a lot of things were left hanging in the air, unresolved and left alone probably for good before commencing with the story which I believe will come next. The redeemed American hero complex, made the end commonplace which was sort of a let down when we are talking about exceptional-to-be series such as this one.
   I'm facing some difficulties trying to write this review without revealing what is going on in the story, and that's why I will stop here. Because if I will continue writing, I'll have to get into detail.
  Concluding this review I must add that although this 3rd season is surely interesting and pleasant to watch, it has lost all of those elements which made the first 2 seasons so good. (Always in my opinion).
And if for example I had to rate all of them, I would give an 8.5 for the 1st season, an 7.7 - 8.00 for the 2nd season, and  6.5 - 7.00 for the 3rd one. 
I hope you found this review helpfull and informative...
Thanks for reading.
P.S: In the following video you can watch the trailer for season 3...