Friday, January 10, 2014

TV Series: HOUSE OF CARDS (2013) (Season 1)

I must admit that I wasn't expecting this TV series to be so good!
Or to put it in another way, I couldn't have guessed how amazing Kevin Spacey would be as a Congressman in the role of Francis Underwood.
 The story is a typical story which you can expect when you are watching a Political drama. Dirty Congressmen, ambitious journalists, and of course in the centre is the President of the United States. Well, not in this series. Here the center is Francis Underwood, a very ambitious Cangressmen who in order to achive his goals will try everything. Manipulation, blackmails, determination are some of his ways. He is in short a man without scruples.
 One of the pleasant surprises here is when Kevin Spacey breaks the "fourth wall" between his character and the viewers, turns to the camera, and speaks his thoughts directly to the audience. This proved a very clever and interesting technique to watch, and it happens quite often in every episode.
It seems as an expensive production, filmed in many different places in America. I'm not in a position to know the cost, but it seems like an expensive one.
 The whole first season consists of 13 episodes, and every episode has a running time of 50-55 minutes.
I surely recommed 'House of Cards' to those who are intrigued by these kinds of Political stories. I'm sure they will not be dissapointed.
 As for the rating, IMDB has a rating of 8.9. Speaking for myself if I had to rate it I would give an 8-8.3, mostly because there are some irrelevant stories going on, only in order to make the series longer and they don't add anything in the plot. But if I had to rate Kevin Spacey's performace I would give a much higher rate.
 P.S: Season 2 starts next month, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen!
 P.S 2: I'm adding 2 videos here as well. The trailer for season 1 and season 2.