Friday, January 24, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show with special guests...

Hello all!
I want to inform you that on this Sunday's PROG & ROLL Radio Show, there will be 2 guests invited, and we will be presenting the show altogether.
 My wife and co-host will not be able to present the show with me due to a travel, so I thought of inviting a couple of our listeners to participate in the show with me.
 After they have accepted my proposal, we gathered up and after listening to lots of music, we decided on the playlist. The thing I had in mind was all three of us to form a 'team' and together to decide about the music. So, each of us proposed some songs of his liking, and then we were voting on the songs.
 So, after many hours we formed a 20-songs playlist, with many famous and some not so famous songs, from 1973 up to 2013.
  It's a different playlist than usual, and truth is I'm very excited about this.
 If this show go well, I'm thinking on next week to do the same with 2 different listeners.
Anyway, I just wanted to inform you about this 'different' Prog & Roll.
I want to remind you that you can listen to our show online on every Sunday night at 20.00 CET.
You just have to click on this link: Just In Case Prog Radio
I hope to 'see you' online on Sunday night.
Thank you for reading...