Sunday, January 12, 2014

September Code & Verbal Delirium Live in Athens (10/1/2014)

A couple of days ago (or nights to be more specific), I went to watch the concert of Verbal Delirium and September Code, (both Greek bands) in a medium-sized but cosy place in the center of Athens.
And here's my review on the event.
 I went together with 3-4 other producers from Just In Case Prog Radio, and there we had the chance to meet and speak with the members of the bands, cause we knew the manager of Verbal Delirium, and the person who organised the whole event. That was a nice bonus for us... ;) We also
learned beforehand about a small surprise that Verbal Delirium had prepared...
 Let's see what happened in the concert now...
 First came on stage September Code, so to say a Prog-Heavy band, and they played for almost 75 minutes. My first (and second) impression was that these guys need some work to do in order to be able perform good on stage. They had the enthusiasm of a new band, but I'm afraid that is not enough on most occassions. Their first part of their set was kind of boring (for my taste), but everything changed in the second part. When they started playing songs from their new forthcoming album, I must admit everything was much better. Better compositions, more enthusiasm, and a better sound. So if I want to sum up their appearance I should say that it was good enough. No complains finally.
  And almost 15 minutes later, Verbal Delirium came out, on stage. First  impression: Everything was more proffesional in every way. Even their musical instruments. In the front line they had 3 different sets of keyboards (including one Mellotron), and behind them were the drummer, the guitar & Bass players and one guy in backing vocals. More than this, the person who was playing the mellotron was playing flute and saxophone as well.
  From their first note you could tell the difference. Better sound, a very proffessional performance, excellent adaptation of the songs etc...
  They were on stage for almost 90 minutes and they played all their best moments from both albums they released so far. (10.000 roses, Dance of the Dead, The Losing Game, Dancing Generation, Sudden Winter, Aeons etc).  They left the stage for 5 mintutes, and when they returned it was time for the surprise I mentoned earlier. So, as encore they gave us an excellent live performance of King Crimson's 'Starless'. And after almost 110 minutes left the stage for good, leaving everybody totally satisfied as far as I saw in the people's faces.
  As a conclusion, I have to say it was a very nice concert, and I'm waiting for Verbal Delirium's next live event in Athens, in order to go again.
 Thank you guys, you gave us 2 hours of wonderful music!
For all of you who never listened to Verbal Delirium before, I'm adding 2 videos in order to listen if you want. On the first video, It's the wonderfully melancholic 'Sudden winter' and on the second one you can listen to 'Dancing Generation'.
Enjoy the music, and thank you for reading :)