Saturday, December 5, 2015

PROG & ROLL proudly presents the musical 'Alchemy', with special guest Mr. Clive Nolan!

I'm very glad and proud to announce that during tomorrow's Prog & Roll we are going to have  the English musician & composer Clive Nolan, as "guest on the chatbox"!
Clive Nolan is one of the most famous and respected musicians in the "modern" Progressive Rock music scene, and he is the leading force behind bands like Arena, Shadowlands and Pendragon.
At this point, I would like to inform you about tomorrow's special Prog & Roll:
Tomorrow's show will be a special "theme" show, and the theme will be 'Rock Opera's and Musicals, from the '60's till noawdays'.
 So, as you realize from the theme of the show, tomorrow we are going to play songs from Rock opera's and Rock musicals exclusively, famous or not.
 Further than that, we are going to make an extended presentation to Clive Nolan's wonderful musical 'Alchemy', which was released in 2013. Because of that, we contacted him and asked if he would like to "participate" in our show somehow. And he will! So, tomorrow we will welcome in our chatbox one of the greatest musicians and composers of the last decades. Furthermore, there is a big possibility that together with him, some other musicians/singers who participated in the recordings and the theatrical version of 'Alchemy' will join as well.
But there is more! Today, I am going to call him ot his home, in order to have a chat and get to now each other, and together with my wife we are going to take a small interview, parts of which we are going to play on tomorrow's show.
 We strarted preparing this show a couple of weeks ago, because we wanted to present something really special to our audience, and now that we know that Clive Nolan will join also, we just can't wait!
 So, if tomorrow night you are in the mood for some really great music, and also the oportunity to "meet" Clive Nolan, just join Prog & Roll.
Our show begins at 20.00 UK time (21.00 Italy/France/Germany), (22.00 Greece/Turkey).
The only thing you have to do, is to click the following link at the time I mentioned above. 
See you there! :-)
Thank you.