Monday, February 27, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show, including the 'Song of the Month' contest. (26/2/2017). A small "review" & the complete playlist.

Hello everybody! 
  Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online as usual. Because it was the last show of the month, it was also including the final stage of the 'Song of the Month' contest, where our listeners are choosing which song will be announced as the Song of the month and will occupy a spot in Prog & Roll's annual Top-10 songlist.
  We divided last night's show into 4 parts once more, and on each part, we played songs from different music styles. So, on the first half-hour we chose to play some classic Hard and Heavy Metal songs, followed by the second part, during which the contest took place. Right after that, during the third part, we did a tribute to Cozy Powell, and then, at the last part, we played songs from brand new album releases.
  As for the contest, the winning song was the live version of If There is Something, by Roxy Music, as it was expected, taken from the album Viva Roxy! This time the competition wasn't so fierce like other times.
  We had a good crowd listening once more, but this time the chatbox was more relaxed in comparison with other shows. We had some nice and fun conversations, while we were listening to music altogether. Judging from the people's reactions and comments, I dare say that it was a very good show, and most of the people seemed to enjoy the music a lot!
As for the playlist, you can see it here:

1st Part (Hard & Heavy): DEEP PURPLE: Perfect Strangers / DEF LEPPARD: High n Dry / IRON MAIDEN: Fear of the Dark / JUDAS PRIEST: Electric Eye.
2nd Part (Song of the Month contest): TWISTED SISTER: Under the Blade (Aver. Rating: 7.58) / ROXY MUSIC: If there is Something – Live (Aver. Rating 8.29) / CURVED AIR: Easy (Aver. Rating: 7.67).
3rd Part (A tribute to Cozy Powell): BRIAN MAY: Resurrection / RAINBOW: Since You Been Gone / GARY MOORE: Led Clones / ROBERT PLANT: Slow Dancer / CINDERELLA: Long Cold Winter.
4th Part (New Releases): TIM BOWNESS: Distant Summers / THIS WINTER MACHINE: After Tomorrow Comes / MERIDIAN INCIDENT: Scene 13 / AYREON: The Day that the World Breaks Down.
I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who chose to spend their Sunday afternoon/night with us. We will "see" you again, on Sunday the  5th of March.
'Till then, take care!