Thursday, June 29, 2017

MOSTLY AUTUMN – Sight of Day (2017)

  Since I discovered Mostly Autumn, almost 6 years ago, I fell in love with their beautiful music.   
  Sight of Day is their new work, that was released a few months ago and is the band’s 12th studio album. The recording was funded through a pre-order campaign. Those who pre-ordered the album, received a special double-disc edition of the album, limited to 2000 copies.

  For all the others there is a single-disc edition available. Although I have the special edition, here I will deal with the normal one.
   First of all, the album includes 10 songs and has a total running time of almost 75 minutes. All 10 songs are excellent, and I never felt the need to skip not even one of them.
  The album opens with the 14-minute-long epic Sight of Day, which shows to the listener that many things has changed since the release of the previous album Dressed in Voices. An excellent and a typical Mostly Autumn song, and definitely one of the album’s highlights. 
Sight of Day is followed by Once Round the Sun, with Bryan Josh on vocals and the upbeat tempo. Then, the soft and melancholic The Man Without a Name enters, which will sound familiar to all those who know the music of Mostly Autumn well enough. Hammerdown is another beautiful tune with Bryan Josh and Olivia Sparnenn sharing the vocal duties.
Changing Lives is a pleasant tune, but is doesn’t add something more to the album. The fans of the TV series “Vikings” will probably appreciate guitar-driven and powerful Only the Brave that comes next. Native Spirit is another long song, including many changes, and it is filled with energy and beautiful guitar solos. Tomorrow Dies is not bad, but nothing special either, followed by Raindown; one of the album’s finest moments, without a doubt.The album’s final song is Forever and Beyond, which although is a good song, it sounds a little bit “weak” after all the previous wonderful songs.
  So, let’s try to sum up: Sight of Day is a wonderful piece of work, including soft melancholic tunes, mixed with powerful parts, great guitar riffs and wonderful vocals. The album’s sound is rich, including instruments like whistle, violin, flute, tambourine, Uillean pipes, etc… (There is no reason to mention the “classic” instruments, like guitar, bass, etc).
As I mentioned before, this is an album, that you are going to listen from the first ‘till the last song, without having to skip not even one song! Despite that, I will write down my most beloved songs of the album, which are: Sight of Day, Once Round the Sun, The Man without a Name, Hammerdown and Raindown.
                            Highly Recommended!

                  4.0 stars without a second tought.

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