Saturday, April 14, 2018

GFreedom's Juke Box No.221

Hello all!
  As many of you know already, I am posting my weekly Top-5 song list here on every Saturday morning.
  I was able to listen to lots of music this week, so once more it wasn't easy to pick only 5 songs for my list. But I believe that the following ones were the best.
GALAHAD: Smoke (Seas of Change - 2018)
RENAISSANCE: Song of Scheherazade (Scheherazade and Other Stories - 1975)
KING CRIMSON: In the Wake of Poseidon (In the Wake of Poseidon - 1970)
LED ZEPPELIN: Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin III - 1970)
IRON MAIDEN: Alexander the Great (Somewhere in Time - 1986)
In case you are interested, you can listen to the songs in my list by clicking the following YT links. As it seemed, the song Smoke by Galahad was nowhere to be found, but the other 4 were available.
RENAISSANCE: Song of Scheherazade
KING CRIMSON: In the Wake of Poseidon
LED ZEPPELIN: Since I've been Loving You
IRON MAIDEN: Alexander the Great
Enjoy the music and have a nice weekend!
Thank you!

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