Monday, June 4, 2018

Prog & Roll radio show, incl. the presentation of Double Vision by Arena. (3/6/18). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night's special Prog n Roll radio show was on air at its usual hour, at the usual internet radio station. As it was announced, we had the great pleasure and honour to have on our chatbox Clive Nolan of Arena and Pendragon, as our special guest. We also had musicians from other bands, who joined our chatbox in order to meet him and listen to the show.
  From our behalf, we played 5 songs taken from the new album of Arena, Double Vision, mixed with other songs of course.
  We had a good crowd last night, from many countries once more. As far as I know, we had listeners from England, Greece, Germany, Norway and USA.
  We also did a music quiz, and the winner took as a prize a CD copy of Double Vision, signed by the band. Not bad at all, eh?
  I believe that it was a very pleasant and interesting show, because further than the music, we were also chatting with Clive about his live gigs, the recordings of the album, etc.
Here you can take a look at the whole playlist: 
Part 1: GUNGFLY: On her Journey to the Sun / TNNE: Eye of the Storm / INFRINGEMENT: Adolescence / ARENA: Red Eyes.
Part 2: SPOCK’S BEARD: Somebody’s Home / ARENA: The Mirror Lies / KAYAK: God on Our Side / ARENA: Scars.
Part 3: TRANSATLANTIC: Conquistador (music quiz) / PENDRAGON: Faces of Light / SPRIGGAN MIST: White Swan / ARENA: Poisoned / COMEDY OF ERRORS: One Fine Day.    
Part 4: INNERSPACE: In Motion / ARENA: The Legend of Elija Shade.
 I would like to thank all those who chose to spend their evening with us and of course Clive, for being on our chatbox once more. (If I'm not mistaken it was his 3rd time in Prog n Roll). I hope everybody enjoyed the show. Thank you all very much!

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