Monday, July 9, 2018

Special Prog n Roll radio show, including the presentation of the Rock Opera Giordano Bruno by OAK (8/7/2018). The complete playlist and more…

Hello all!
   Last night, the special Prog n Roll that we had announced was on air, a  half hour earlier than usual, because it was an extended show that lasted for almost 2.5 hours.       
  The show was including many songs from the excellent Rock opera Giordano Bruno, recorded and released by the Italian project OAK. Further than the members of OAK, the album included musicians from bands like Caravan, Curved Air, Van Der Graaf Generator and Jethro Tull. We also played a couple of parts of the interview we conducted with the band’s leader/composer/lyricist and multi-instrumentalist  Jerry Cutillo, and his manager Gerlinde Roth. Further than the songs we played from the Rock opera, the playlist was including songs from other Progressive Rock and/or Progressive Folk bands, older and modern ones.
  From the beginning of the show, we had a big crowd listening, and we had the pleasure and honour to have as our “guests on the chatbox” Jerry Cutillo, his manager Gerlinde Roth, Sonja Kristina, the singer of Curved Air (she joined our show for the 3rd time) and the legendary saxophone player of Van Der Graaf Generator, David Jackson. We also had Pat Sanders, the leader/composer/keyboard player of Drifting Sun, and Benjamin Bell, who is the keyboard player of Gandalf’s Fist and participates in other projects as well. So, as someone said at some point during the show, last night we had an All-Star company gathered on our chatbox.
  The 2.5 hours of the show passed really fast, with lots of good music, some information about the life and work of Giordano Bruno, and the usual interesting and fun conversations on the chatbox.
  As far as I saw, everybody loved the show, and enjoyed the time they spent listening to Prog n Roll. We received lots of congratulations about the work we did and the music we played from many people, which was a great morale boost, because we worked really hard for this show.
 Here you can see the whole playlist:
Part 1: TUMBLETOWN: One Giant Stage / MOSTLY AUTUMN: Once Round the Sun / MARCO DE ANGELIS: Keep Going / Interview with Jerry Cutillo Pt.1 / OAK: La Cena Delle Beffe.
Part 2: CELLAR NOISE: Underground Ride / CURVED AIR: Easy / OAK: Diana Morgana.
Part 3: PFM (Feat. PETER HAMMILL): Sea of Memory / Interview with Jerry Cutillo Pt.2 / OAK: Dreams of Mandragora / CARAVAN: Hello Hello / BAROCK PROJECT: A Winter’s Night / OAK: Circe.
Part 4: OAK: Nothing is Easy (music quiz) / JETHRO TULL: Mother Goose / THE SAMURAI OF PROG: Growing Up / Interview with Gerlinde Roth / OAK: The Globe.
Part 5: OAK: Danse Macabre / CAMEL: Air Born / OAK: Campo de Fiori – Reprise / VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Man Erg.
  I would like to thank Jerry Cutillo and Gerlinde Roth for their help and their efforts, because without them, this show would be impossible to happen. Also, a big thanks to Sonja Kristina and David Jackson for being there last night. And last but not least, to Ben Bell, Pat Sanders and all those lovely people who are supporting our show for so many years. Your love and support give us the strength to continue, and always trying to get better.
 I believe that this was a great show and because some people maybe lost it, I am thinking of uploading it on our Mixcloud page during the following days. When it will be uploaded there, I am going to inform you.
  Prog n Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 15th of July for the last show of the season. After that we are going to have our Summer break and return on September.
Thank you all!

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