Sunday, June 17, 2012

Congratulations to the Greek National Team!

   Greek National team passed to the quarter semi-finals!
  This came as a big surprise actually, especially if you consider the team we beat last night and we have thrown out (Russia). And also if anyone had seen the other two previous games of Greece, and the points of the group until this last game.
The team was struggling to play some descent football, they were unlucky in some occasions, and let's face it, the referees are not so much fond of us...
But despite all these, in this last and most crucial game Greek team played with heart and guts, and managed to beat the Russian team and pass to the next round.
   As I wrote in a post a few days ago, if our team pass to the next round I will be pleased. And I am!
In the next round we will be facing Germany most probably. Eh, there you can't ask for many things.
But in football you can never know, right? So let's wait for the 22nd of June, and we'll find out then...
   A big Bravo to this team that despite all the problems, struggled and suceeded to pass from the group stage, and made all Greeks happy even if it was for 2 hours!
  Thank you guys, you made us all very proud! Again! :)