Monday, June 4, 2012

Lynyrd Skynyrd live and more...

   Lynyrd Skynyrd will play live in Athens on the 18th of June. In about 2 weeks from now, probably the greatest band of south-Rock will perform in front of the Greek fans for the first time.
I have to admit that I was never a fan of southern-Rock, but Lynyrd Skynyrd is an exception.
Although only one member remained from the original 70's line up, I believe that they will play a great show!
Unfortunately I won't be there... If I was still living in Athens, I would go for sure. But from where I am right now it is very expensive to make this travel only for the concert.
As far as I know, many of my friends will go to this concert, so... Have a great time everybody! :)
But the post doesn't finish here...
I will write here a few small stories that lies behind the songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and are interesting.
   Ronnie Van Zant (their singer in the 70's that died in the aircraft crash tragedy) was the main writer of the lyrics in the band. As he admitted once, many of the lyrics were based on true stories and personal experiences. So, let's see these stories behind some songs...
   Double Trouble: In the lyrics he wrote 'eleven times I got busted, eleven times I've been to jail'.
Well, R.V.Zant was kind of a troublemaker. He liked drinking and in many cases he was involved in fights and all kinds of trouble. A few days before 'Gimme back my bullets' album's release he made a midnight call to their producer Tom Dowd saying: 'I got busted again! We have to change the lyrics'...
   Simple Man: This song was written after the funeral of his grandmother. In the simple but touchy lyrics there are some advices from a mother to her only son about how he must behave in his life.
   Gimme three steps: As I wrote before R.V Zant was a guy who liked to get into fights, and he was rarely backing off. But in one case he found himself facing a gun. So he said 'Gimme three steps mister toward the door' asking for a small advantage from his rival.
   Sweet Home Alabama: A couple years back, Neil Young recorded 2 songs about the situation in the Southern States, the problems with racism and so on. (These songs are 'Southern Man' and 'Alabama').
'Sweet Home Alabama' was Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'answer' to these 2 songs.Here is a small part:
Well, I heard Mr.Young sing about her (Alabama)
Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil young will remember
A southern man don't need him around anyhow.
Later on, R.V.Zant said that they wrote this song mostly for fun, but I don't think I'm convinced...
   The ballad of Curtis Loew: The lyrics are based on real persons and real situations. This song tells the story of the 'colored' musicians of the areas around Jacksonville.Main character is Curtis Loew, but he is an imaginary person.
   Cry for the Bad Man: The lyrics here are telling the story of a close friend of the band (But without mentioning his name),who finally 'sold them out' ripping them off from their money.
   Well, that's all I could find, and I hope they were interesting...
Closing this post, I'm adding 2 videos from live performances of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
The first one is a great live version of the legendary 'Freebird'. (Watch Ronnie Van Zant's T-shirt. Yes, it has Neil Young on it!)
   The second one is again a live version of 'Gimme three steps'.
 Both are from the 1970's with the band's original line up.