Thursday, June 28, 2012

Didim-Bodrum-Kos and back...

  This week I had to travel to the Greek island of Kos in order to arrange a few things, and I decided to make it more interesting and enjoyable. So together with my wife we made a small  travel and mixed the jobs that had to be done with some fun.
   We left Didim with the bus at afternoon, and 2 hours later we reached at the beautiful city of Bodrum that lies on the Aegean sea. From there we would pass the next morning to Kos.
   Found a (not so nice, but cheap) hotel and we headed out to explore the city.  
It was already late afternoon, the sun was setting, and we found ourselves making rounds at the area around the seafront. It was very nice. Many small roads filled with people, hundreds small shops full of colors, and nice smells coming from everywhere around.
   After our dinner, we found a nice cafe/bar on the main beach, and we enjoyed our drinks sitting at a table exactly next to the sea, and watching the magnificent view of the huge castle that was lighted for the night. It was a very relaxing and beautiful feeling.                                                       
   The next day we took the small ferry from Bodrum to Kos island, and one hour later we were in Greece.
   Kos is a beautiful island, very touristic, and every time we are there we usually have a nice time.
   The first thing we did it was to find a nice cafeteria and enjoy a great coffee! :)
  We did many of the things we had to, and then we decided to visit the biggest ancient site of the island, called 'Asklepeion'. It was dedicated to Asklipios son of Apollo, the protector of medicine and health in the ancient Greece. Many significant people worked there, but the most important and famous was Hippocrates 'the father of medicine'.
   The area is big and very impressive. It is at a cliff that offers a great view of the island, but it is not suggested for days with unbearable heat. Unfortunately it was close to noon, and the heat was exhausting! So we made our visit shorter, and left quite fast.
   Next we had to go to the other side of the island in the village of Kefalos, in order to finish with the things we had to do. Kefalos is a touristic village, and it is situated in a small gulf and has a very beautiful seaside. In the middle of the gulf, there is a tiny island with a small chapel on it dedicated to Saint Nicolas.
   Beautiful place as well. There we enjoyed some Greek foods that we both had missed a lot, and then we took the way back home.
   The only remarkable incident of our way back was that the small ferry we were on, when it was trying to reach Bodrum port had a crash with a yaght that was there already. It was a good crash! The ferry didn't seem to suffer any serious damage, but the yaught's left side was heavily damaged! It was the first time I was present on a boat when it crashes another boat, and I must say it was an interesting experience!
   Finally this trip proved to be a nice very small holiday. We did all the things that had to be done, but at the same time we had some fun as well.
   Now I'm back to Didim, continuing my everyday life routine as before...

The pictures: On the 2 first pictures you can see a small cafe on the beach of Bodrum (not the one we sat though), and the castle at night. In the next 2 you can see a part of Asklepeion, and the tiny island in the gulf of Kefalos in Kos...