Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Greatest Rock albums of all times Part. 15

                                  THE DOORS: THE DOORS
  I was never a big fan of this band. I believe that they were a very good band among many other very good bands of the '60's. Nothing more, nothing less.
   But I think their debut album, which was released in 1967 deserves a place here...
Not only because of the 2 'trademark' songs 'Light my Fire' and 'The End', but because the whole record is full of songs that became more or less very famous everywhere, and here you can see a quality that you don't find in their records later on. From the 11 songs of this record you have to search in order to find one song that it is not good. Even the -not so famous- songs (like The Crystal ship, for example), are really very good! (Especially The Crystal Ship is one of the best songs here in my opinion, but anyway)...
   Here are some facts not widely known about this record: 'Alabama Song' is not their composition. It was written and composed by Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weil in 1927. Also 'Backdoor Man', was written by Willie Dixon and it was originally recorded by Howlin' Wolf.
Both songs 'Break on Through' and 'The End' were released censored. On 'Break on Through' we listen J. Morrison singing 'she gets she gets'. The original lyrics were 'she gets high she gets high'.
As for 'The End', in the last part of the song, J. Morrison was repeating the word 'fuck', but it was taken out of the album's final mix.
   Upon the album's release, the song 'Light my Fire' entered the USA single charts, peaking at No.2, but failed in Europe. Strangely 'Light my Fire' entered the UK singles chart peaking at No.7 in 1991.
That happened after Oliver Stone's film 'The Doors'.
   Rolling Stone magazine places 'The Doors' at No.42 on '500 greatest albums of all time', whilst Q magazine places the album at No.25 in the '100 greatest albums ever' list.
   Nevertheless, 'The Doors' is considered one of the most classic albums in Rock history, and it is surely a wonderful debut album.
  Other albums I recommend: 'Strange days' and 'Waiting for the sun'...