Tuesday, June 12, 2012


   Game of Thrones 2nd season came to an end, and I would like to write some thoughts of mine.
As you probably know, season 1 was covering the 1st book of the series in 10 episodes. The same happened in season 2 as well.
Again 10 episodes covering the 2nd book, and taking the story further. My opinion is that this 2nd season wasn't as good as the 1st one. I found it a little boring in some parts to be honest.
But fortunately there was an epic finale kept for us...
And now we have to wait one more year for the 3rd season, which if I remember well, it should be the best of all 3!
   The 'problem' with G.R.R Martins books is that although he 'builds' very 'strong' and well written characters and a very interesting plot, there is a very big lack of action. Too much talking, too much diplomacy, too many characters that are scattered here and there, and very little action. The problem is that usually in these kind of books the action takes the story further. And so in this case it seems that everything is moving real slow.
   As I have said in the post about the 1st season a couple of months ago, I read the first 3 books, but many years ago. So as you can understand although I have the general story in my mind, it's impossible to remember every detail and every character's exact story.
   So now I would like a small help from you please if it is possible.
Is it just my idea, or in this 2nd season they have made some changes in the story? Because some things have happened that I don't remember reading about them in the books. But I'm not sure if it is just my imagination, or they really did change the story.
So if any of you have read the books more recently, or his/her memory is better that mine, please inform me if changes have really been made and at which parts if you remember, because I'm really curious!
Thank you in advance... :)