Saturday, January 26, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box N0. 30

Hello all! :)
This last week was really very busy for me, therefore I didn't had the time or the will to write many things on my blog as you saw. Just a couple of posts and that's all!
But despite the many things I had to deal with, I found the time to listen to some music. (I always do!) hehehe
And here are the 5 songs that I chose to put in my Juke Box series:

Mystery: Silent Scream (One among the living) (2010)
Pendragon: The Masquerade Overture (The Masquerade Overture) (1996)
Transatlantic: We All Need Some Light (S M P T) (2000)
Madrugada: What's on Your Mind? (Madrugada) (2008)
Pink Floyd: The Fletcher Memorial Home (The Final Cut) (1983)