Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spotlights On: BIG BIG TRAIN

   BBT were founded in Bournemouth England, in 1990.
After many gigs and one demo, they released their first album ‘Goodbye to the Age of Steam’ in 1994 with Martin Orford from the band IQ being the co-producer. This album was well received, and it established the band’s melancholic sound that is deeply influenced from the English Progressive-Rock bands of the ‘70’s. (You know, there are enough bands that their sound reminds  one of Genesis in the P. Gabriel’s Era. Well, BBT is the only one that comes to my mind that their sound reminds the style of Genesis exactly after P.Gabriel’s departure. If you ask me to find an album of Genesis to compare BBT, I think I would say ‘Wund & Wuthering’).
   Despite their headstart in their musical career, in the following years they released 2 records not really worth mentioning, whilst at the same time the band members were changing often. Their 4rth album ‘Gethering Speed’ (2004) was a concept one and a good effort. Three years later they released the album titled ‘The Different Machine’ with many guest musicians participating, such as: Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Genesis, Tears for Fears), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard), and Pete Trewavas (Marillion,Transatlantic).
But in my opinion their best albums in general are the next two that were released. ‘The Underfall Yard’ (2009), and ‘English Electric Part.1’ (2012)
Both records are really very good works, and received very positive reviews. It could be safe to say that if anyone is interested to listen to BBT’s music, these two albums should be the first to look for. ‘English Electric’ is supposed to be a doudle album, but finally it became two parts. The second part is scheduled for release within the next few months. (On March I’m not mistaken).
   And on the following video you can listen to the song 'Winchester from St.Giles Hill' taken from the album 'English Electric'...