Monday, January 7, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio Show 06/01/2013. The review...

Hello all!
Last night was our first radio show of 2013 as I have mentioned already a few days ago.
Well, it was a nice one I have to say. Not so many people logged in (like for example in the last show of 2012), but they were not few also.
For the first time we tried to make our audience grade each song we played on the time it was played, and through the points they gave we will make each show's Top-5. And further than that, the songs that have an average of 8.5 and higher, are kept aside, and slowly slowly we made a list of the most favorite songs that we have played. And at some point we will make some special shows that we will play only these songs, in order to make Prog & Roll's absolute Top-10.
I hope this thing will work... :P
I will put here the whole playlist from last night's show, but first I have to mention the best 5 songs, as they were voted by our listeners. And here they are:
No.1 ELOY: The Sun Song + 
No.2 STRAWBS: Autumn + 
No.3 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Paper Wings  (Live version) + 
No.4 PINK FLOYD: Brain Damage / Eclipse
No.5 KING CRIMSON: Epitaph.
The ones that have the small cross (+), are the ones that had an average of 8.5 and higher. Therefore, these 3 are going on the "Most favorite Songs" list for a later use.
And here is the whole playlist of last night's Prog & Roll: 
WITHIN TEMPTATION: Frozen / RUSH: Cinderella Man / ARRAKEEN: Le nouveau Monde / CRIPPLED BL.PHOENIX: The Heart of Every Country / BJH: Paper Wings / ECHO: Moon / THERION: Secret of the Runes / VIA OBSCURA: Schicksal / ELOY: The Sun-song / PAVLOV’S DOG: Today (Music Contest) / WISHBONE ASH: Errors of my Way / URIAH HEEP: Wise Man / ANYONE’S DAUGHTER: Swedish nights / STYX: Crystal Ball /  STRAWBS: Autumn / VDGG: Wondering / PINK FLOYD: Brain Damage / Eclipse / KING CRIMSON: Epitaph.