Monday, January 28, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio show: Last Night's Top-5

Hello all!
Last night we had one more radio show, the last one for January.
Which means that next Sunday we will have the big event: All together will chose the "Song of the month".
Last night's show went very well I think. This time we separated our show in 4 parts (half hour each), and in every part we played a different style of music. You can understand this better when you'll see the whole playlist at the end of this post. The chatbox was again on fire, and we had a good laugh from time to time.
As I have mentioned before, we are asking from our audience to grade the songs we play, so at the end of the night we make every show's Top-5. But the songs that achieve to have an average of 8.5 or more are going on a separate list, and they will be played on the first show of every month again. And there we will all vote on these songs (us as well), and the one that will have the higher average will be declared as "Song of the month".
Anyway, here are the Top-5 songs as were voted and grated from our audience last night: 
1. Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb (Live 1988)
2. Wishbone Ash: Throw Down the Sword
3. Camel: Straight to my heart
4. Transatlantic: We all Need Some Light
5. Magna Carta: Lord of the Ages
From these 5 songs only the 2 first achieved to have an average of 8.5 and more, therefore only these 2 are going to the final round that will take place on next Sunday.
And here is the whole playlist:
Part 1: Rainbow: Difficult to Cure / Dreamscape: Different / Riverside: I Turned You Down / Psychotic Waltz: I Remember / Black Sabbath: A National Acrobat
Part 2: Pentangle: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme / Angelo Branduardi: Alla Fiera Del' Est / Maddy Prior: Gutter Geese / Magna Carta: Lord of the Ages.
Part 3: Quartermass: Black Ship of the Family (Music Contest) / Lighthouse: Love of a Woman / Blood Sweat & Tears: Spinning Wheel / Chicago: 25 or 6 to 4 / Greatest Show on Earth: The Leader / Traffic: Pearly Queen.
Part 4: Transatlantic: We All Need Some Light / Camel: Straight to my Heart / Wishbone Ash: Throw Down the Sword / Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Questions / Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb (Live 1988)
I want to thank everybody who joined in last night, listen to our show, participated and made us laugh a lot, and I hope you spend 2 joyful hours with us... :)