Friday, November 29, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio show Presents: 'The song of the Month' contest...

I want to inform you that on this Sunday (1/12/2013) on Prog & Roll Radio Show we will have our big contest for 'The Song of the Month'.
For those who don't know what that means, let me write a few things about it:
On each of our shows, we ask from our audience to grade the songs we play on a scale from 1-10. At the end of each show we make the calculations, and we see the average points of each song. The best 5 songs in rating are entering the Top-5 list, but that's not all. The songs which achieved an average of 8.5 or higher, are going on a separate list, and on the first show of each month we play them again, and the audience is grading them once more, but this time in a more serious manner. And at the end of this special show, the song with the highest rating is 'The song of the month'.
   This contest will be the last we will ever do, because starting from January we are planning to make some changes in our show.
In a nutshell, don't miss this Sunday's Prog & Roll, because we have some excellent songs in our playlist, and I believe you will enjoy it! :)
I hope to 'see you' online...
Thanks for reading :)