Monday, November 18, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio show (17/11/2013) Top-5 and full playlist..

Good morning everybody!
Last night I had one more Prog & Roll radio show as usual. Once more, my co-host couldn't be there, so I did everything on my own. (The playlist, the English & Greek broadcasting etc).
Many people logged in last night, and they seemed to enjoy the show.
As you know already, we are playing a little "game" on which I ask from the audience to grade the songs at the time of the show. So, according to their grades, those are the 5 best songs from last night:

1. LED ZEPPELIN: Stairway to Heaven (Live)
2. WISHBONE ASH: Warrior 
3. CHRIS DE BURGH: Spaceman came traveling
4. JETHRO TULL: Slow Marching band
5. J.HAYWARD - J.LODGE: This morning

And here you can see the whole playlist:

EYE IN THE SKY: City of Sun / WE OWN THE SKY: Alterecho / HIDRIA SPACEFOLK: Kaikados / KINGSTON WALL: With my mind / GHOST: Con clavi Con Dio / KANSAS: The Wall / WISHBONE ASH: Warrior / ASHBURY: The Warning / BLUE OYSTER CULT: Joan Crawford / JOSH & Co LIMITED: Land of the God / CAMEL: City Life / JETHRO TULL: Slow Marching Band / ELOY: Mysterious Monolith / MIKE OLDFIELD: 5 miles out / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: How do you feel now? / DAVID GILMOUR: Love on the Air / J.HAYWARD – J.LODGE: This morning / CHRIS DE BURGH: Spaceman came Traveling / LED ZEPPELIN: Stairway to Heaven (Live).  

Thank you all for logging in last night, I really hope you enjoyed the show.
In the following video you can see the No.1 song, which is the live version of Stairway to Heaven, from the album The Song Remains the Same...
Thanks for reading, and have a nice week! :)