Friday, December 20, 2013

GFreedom Team celebrates the 50 Prog & Roll Radio shows...

Hello folks!
 As the title of the post indicates, this Sunday we will celebrate the 50 Prog & Roll radio shows on Just In Case Prog Radio.
  We are happy of being able to reach this number, and we are preparing a special weekend in order to celebrate it.
  At Saturday night (21/12/13), we are preparing a party at a bar in the center of Athens, and all of you who are able to come are welcome! (You can find more details about this event a couple of posts below). GFreedom Team is preparing a really special DJ Set, which we hope it will blow your mind!
  Further than that, on Sunday's Prog & Roll we will have a special playlist ready which will be a combination of really great songs, mixed with some parts of Saturday's DJ Set.
  So all of you who weren't able to participate to this event, if you log in on Sunday night, you will be able to listen to whole parts of the party's program.
  We did put a lot of effort on both the party and the radio show, and we hope many people will respond and show up or log in. But the most important is to have a great time.
  That's all for now, I'll see you tomorrow night at the party, or at Sunday night in the radio show.
Thank you all in advance!

P.S: Prog & Roll's broadcasting is in English and Greek language, and you can listen to it every Sunday night at 20.00CET at Just In Case Prog Radio. You can log in by clicking to the following link: Just In Case Prog Radio