Friday, December 6, 2013

The Progressive Rock Encyclopedia: D (Part.2)

                                DIAGONAL & DISTORTED HARMONY
   Diagonal appeared in the UK Prog scene in 2008. This Brighton-based band is obvious where it's got its roots. In the Progressive UK scene of the '70's.
   The band consists of 7 members, and almost all of them are multi-intrumentalists. Their sound resembles the sound of the '70's, and their influenses most probably are bands like King Crimson, Colloseum, and even Cressida. They released 2 albums so far, 'Diagonal' in 2008 and 'The Second Mechanism' in 2012. Their music is rather complex and hard to take, therefore are not recommended to others but to hard-core Progressive Rock fans.

                                 DISTORTED HARMONY
   Distorted Harmony was last year's surprise for me... I've never heard of this band before, and when I did I loved them immediately.
   They are a 5-members band from Tel Aviv (Israel), and their music is a fine example of Progressive Metal. Their influenses are bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Porcupine Tree etc. They released their debut album named 'Utopia' in 2012, and although I'm not a Prog-Metal fan myslef, I think it is a great album. Most of the compositions are excellent, their playing is very skilfull, and in general it was a very good first effort. Of course we'll have to wait and see, but they had a very good and promising start.
   Best moments in their album in my opinion are "Breathe" and "Kono Yume". I highly recommend them to all those who enjoy a well structed album, combined with high quality musicians, regardless if he/she is not a Prog-Metal fan.