Saturday, January 25, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.77

Hello all!
As many of you know already, every Saturday I'm posting here my Top-5 songlist for the week.
Which means that from all the songs I'm listening during every week, I'm choosing the best 5 and writing them in this 'Juke Box' post. Also in the end of the post I'm adding a couple of videos for you to listen.
   This week I listened to lots of music, and once more it was not so easy to choose only 5 songs.
 But after listening some of them again and again, I decided to the best 5 which are the following:

 MARILLION: Fugazi (Fugazi - 1984)
 STYX:  Suite Madame Blue (Equinox - 1975)
 VERBAL DELIRIUM: The Losing Game (From the Small Hours of Weakness - 2013)
 ROXY MUSIC:  If There is Something (Live) (Viva Roxy! - 1976)
 BLUE OYSTER CULT: The Last Days of May (Live) (On Your Feet or on your Knees - 1975) 

And I will  conclude this post as usual, by adding 2 videos from songs in my Top-5 list.
In the first video, you can listen to 'Fugazi' by Marillion, and in the second one the wonderful live version of Roxy Music's 'If There is Something'.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading :)