Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tales from the Progressive Oceans Part. 14

                          CURVED AIR: Phantasmagoria (1972)
   Curved Air were one of the pioneers of the Progressive Rock English scene, together with many other bands of the same era. Their members had a different musical background, therefore we can see many elements of different music styles in their style such as: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Folk, and Classical music. Further than that they were one of the first bands to feature a violin as a basic instrument. They released 6 studio albums during their career, and Phantasmagoria was their third one.
  It was released in 1972 and it's considered among their most ambitious works. It contains 9 songs in total, and has a running time of almost 40 minutes. The musicians who participate here are the 5 members of the band, plus 14 extra ones who play a variety of instruments such as: trumpet, trombone, xylophones, percussions etc.
   Upon its release, Phantasmagoria reached at No.20 in the UK albums charts, but failed in the United States. (Truth is that Curved Air were never the band that was reaching easily at Albums or Singles charts).
  With the first listening there are two songs that catches immediately your attention: 'Marie Antoinette', and 'Melinda (More or Less)'. But when you get used to their sound and music, you'll find more beautiful moments here, like 'Phantasmagoria' for example.
 Concluding this post, I will add a video for you ti listen and get a small idea.
It's the beautiful ballad 'Melinda (More or Less)'.
 Enjoy the music, and thanks for reading :)