Friday, January 31, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 2/2/2014 with 2 guests (again)

Hello all!
On this Sunday's Prog & Roll I will have two guests invited once more. On last Sunday's show I did the same, and we had lots of fun, and as it seemed everybody enjoyed it.
This time I will have again 2 of our listeners with me, and they will participate on every aspect of the show, which means they will choose their own songs, present them on air etc...
But because I have already seen their choices, I must say that this will be a very bizarre show (musically speaking). Another funny fact is their nicknames. The first one's is Wolf, and the second one's is Shepherd! So you can also understand their music tastes by their nicknames... ;)
In the playlist this time we have more Folk Rock than usual, and more Classic Rock.
The only sure thing is that us and our listeners will have lots of fun once more!
So, if you are in the mood for some good music, and some fun company join us!
You can listen to PROG & ROLL online every Sunday night at 20.00 CET.
Just click on this link:
Thank you :)