Monday, December 15, 2014

PROG & ROLL radio show on 14/12/2014

                        The last broadcast before Christmas.
Hello all!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show, which as the title implies was the last one before Christmas. We have a really very busy time lately, and that's why we decided to cancel next Sunday's boadcast. We will have one more show on the 28th of December which will be the last for 2014, so we will try to make it a really good one!
 As for last night, I believe it was a good show! I'm very happy to say that for the first time we had listeners from so many different countries. And I count only those who were involved more or less in the chatbox, because there were many more listening, but I don't know from where.
So, we had people listening from Greece, Italy, Turkey, Northern Ireland, England, France and Russia. (I hope I didn't forget anything). This fact made us really happy as you can understand, because it shows that all the hard work and the efforts we are putting on that show are appreciated.
 Now let's go to the music. We had a rather "light" playlist prepared, including many different styles of music as usual, and we tried to have a balance between the famous and the not so famous songs. I believe the result was satisfying, and everybody seemed to enjoy it.
 At the end of the show we played the 'epic' song as usual, during which we had the voting for the 'encore' song. This time the voting was hard, because we put 3 very good songs in the competition.
The 3 songs were: Led Zeppelin: The Rover, Marillion: Forgotten sons and Rush: Tom Sawyer. The winning song was 'Tom Sawyer' but only with one vote difference from Led Zeppelin.
Here you can take a look at the whole playlist: 
 MASTERMIND: With dignity & grace / FAIR TO MIDLAND: The walls of Jericho / SERJ TANKIAN: Sky is over / AUDIOSLAVE: Like a stone / THE TEA PARTY: The river / BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: The river / DAVID GILMOUR: Love on the air / MIKE OLDFIELD: Moonlight shadow / MONIKA: Over the hill / JEFF BUCKLEY: Grace / DAVID BOWIE: Starman / MOSTLY AUTUMN: Half the mountain / MIDLAKE: Small mountain / SHADOW GALLERY: Christmas day / MAGIC PIE: Illusion & reality (part. 4) / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Erased / ENGLAND: Yellow / CARAVAN: Hello hello / JANE: Daytime.
Epic song: ELOY: Poseidon’s creation  
Encore song: RUSH: Tom Sawyer.
 I want to say a very big 'thank you' to all of you who are supporting our show by listening and/or participating on the chatbox. The fact that so many people are logging in every Sunday night to listen and chat with us means a lot. 
 Have a Merry Christmas everybody, and we will be together with you on the 28th of December for the last Prog & Roll of 2014.
Thank you! :-)