Saturday, December 27, 2014

The last PROG & ROLL radio show of 2014...

I'm writing this post in order to inform you about this Sunday's (28/12) Prog & Roll radio show.
 As the title of the post implies it will be the last show for 2014, and that's why we thought to organize something special for our faithful (and not) listeners.
In a few words here's what's gonna happen more or less:
First of all, the show will be expanded for almost half hour, and it will last for about 2.5 hours.
Further than that, the playlist will be Prog & Roll's best of 2014, which means it will include the bands we played mostly during the year. That happened because they are our favorite ones, or our audience's favorite ones, or both in many occasions.
 And to make it a little bit more interesting, we invited some members from those bands to listen to the show, and at the same time to participate in the chatbox as well. We received many positive answers, which means that all those who will join our show on Sunday night will be able to listen to some really great songs, and at thee same time to chat with some musicians from those bands as well.
 The only thing that is left now is to wait for the time that the show will start.
To be honest I'm really impatient, because I believe it will be a really great show!
 In case you want to log in to listen and/or participate in the chatbox, here's the link for you:
 Prog & Roll starts at 20.00 (UK time), and the broadcast is in English & Greek.
 I hope to "see you" there!
Thank you for reading this...