Friday, December 26, 2014

VERBAL DELIRIUM Live. (21/12/2014) A small review and the full setlist.

  Verbal Delirium is one of the most talented and promising bands in Greece right now in my opininon. With 2 albums released so far, and the third one on the way, they are slowly but steady
finding their way into the music busines.Their sound is rather personal and modern, and the few influences one can find in their sound doesn't bother at all.
  A few days ago they gave a concert in Athens, and I went to see them for second time, so I knew what to expect more or less. But once more they performed really good, and I had a very good time. My opinion is that because Verbal Delirium participated in many music festivals in Europe, they have become more "mature" and they have an "air" of self-confidence when they are on stage. And that is very important!
 They played for almost 2 hours, and the setlist was based exclusively on their own songs. At the end of their concerts they always have one encore, including only one song, which is a cover version. The first time I saw them live a few months ago, they played 'Starless' by King Crimson as encore. (It was an excellent cover version, although the song itself it's preety tough). Knowing that, I was very curious to see what they prepared for this show. But I wasn't prepared for what was going to come. This time they chose to play 'The Knife' by Genesis, and their perfomance was of the highest standards! Most of the audience knew the song by heart, so they were singing along. It was an excellent closing in a really good concert!
Congratulations guys, see you again on your next show.
Here you can see the full setlist, which is a photo I from the original copy I took as a souvenir ;)